15 January 2009

colour week - blue

Cookies on my special blue plate.
What makes it special? My local thrift store is full of these cheese boards and loose covers to cheese boards. I wanted a covered plate to keep on the table for the baked good of the day, and this little plate fit the top perfect. tada. Special plate born. for $1.98.

The cookies are the cranberry chocolates from my new favourite cookbook, Apples for Jam. I'm in love. No, really. (photo on my blue thrifted chair)

I'd been hearing how amazing it was for so long that just before Christmas I picked it up as a little gift for me. (which me cooking more is really a gift for everyone, right?) I've marked a few pages of things I just have to try. just a few. I love that everything is smack-in-the-forehead-duh simple and the recipes generally don't make huge amounts. We're just two people and two babies, here.
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Karen said...

I am SO def. gonna try that book!

Jessica said...

My Apples for Jam looks just like that--and I've been just waiting to make up that recipe, perhaps tonight!