17 November 2008

you can whip up a dozen of these

in no time.

If you haven't heard about Amanda's new project: Mama to Mama, click on over and give it a look see. These tiny hats are unbelievably easy and can make all the difference to a tiny baby.

She's got the pattern right there for you. (if you are without a printer like me, take a peek then you can fake it.) You don't have to spend a dime to do it either. Chances are, you already have a bag lying around, destined for the thrift shop, that you can raid for a few old tees. Or maybe your closet is in need of a weeding? Or your kids' drawers?

And they take almost time at all. If I can manage, anyone can.

I flipped the shirts inside out and pinned them last night after the boys went to bed: five minutes.
I traced the pattern after breakfast: two minutes.
And I stitched them while Curious George was on: Maybe fifteen minutes.
Trim them up and tie those adorable knots and you have a beautiful handmade donation in about a half an hour. (ten hats took about forty-five minutes total with my boys "helping".)

She also has a call out for handmade recieving blankets and links to other craftivism sites. Click over and see how you can turn your unwanted tees into a baby's hope.

The deadline is December Tenth!


Anne said...

Oh that's wicked cool!

Jessica said...

I'm so into craftism these days...it's even taking over my holiday crafting. Aren't those hats too much fun to make!?!