11 November 2008

hug day

today is the day to hug, kiss, shake hands, smile at, wave at, squeeze or otherwise affectionately tackle the brave men and women who have protected us.

These are the soldiers in my family.

left to right Mike L: Navy, Edison (and Clark Gable): Air Force, Paul My Husband: Army, then National Guard, J.R. : Navy.

Aislinn, Bob and Tiffany: Air Force, Paul: Marines.

Tahlia: Air Force, Paul: Navy, Baker, Marines, Kelvin: Air Force, then Air National Guard.
(And I somehow don't have a photo: Helger: Coast Guard.)


Anonymous said...

NICE tribute
thanks so much
Mike and Pepere are Navy


affectioknit said...

That's so sweet!

Regis said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Azzy said...

I love this!!! I just missed you today at your mom's house, but she did tell me about this. Thank you so much... And I'm going to steal this idea. :) I promise to give you credit though.

Thanks again!!!

Amy said...

Please thank each and every one of them for my family.

Anne said...

What a nice tribute. We appreciate you!

Alexis said...

I send my thanks and a big hug!