27 October 2008

halloween week, day two

The caramel apples were a big hit, so much that my brother asked if I just wanted to see him and his pregnant wife fight? Why else would I only leave one in his fridge? Oh boy...

Okay, we love horror movies. We've watched them all. Scary or cheesy. New or old. This time of year I like to double up, so here's just a few that are favourites around our house.

Zombies: The Romeros of course. You can watch the entire original Night of the Living Dead (1968) on youtube. 28 Days Later. 2002. The first introduction of fast moving zombies. And Hubby likes Resident Evil. 2002. More action than horror but zombies nonetheless.

Rubber monsters: Monster Squad. 1987. Oh the cheeeeeese. The Tingler. 1959. The Divine Vincent Price and the best rubber monster ever. Evil Dead 2. (1987) Low budget goodness.

When I was putting this together I noticed a kind of theme: Kids are incredibly creepy. Way creepier than zombies, ghosts and rubber monsters combined.
Spooky kids: Number One is The Changeling. 1980. I got the heebee jeebees just watching the trailer again. Guillermo DelToro's The Orphanage (2007) was surprisingly tense and scary. The cinematography was dark and the twist was a killer. Alice, Sweet Alice. 1976. Spooky little girl, dreadful neighbor and camera angles that a just off.
We're always looking for new different ones so leave me a comment with your favourite, please.
And who is this hiding in my curtain...?

It's my new bat-friend. Actually there's a whole family swooping around this place.

I had an old black shirt with a tiny silver bits in it that I never intended to wear again and so they were born. With matching silver ribbon to hang.

Would you like one? Comment on this post and I'll have one of the spooks around here pick a name out of the cauldron on Halloween.


Katie said...

I am digging the bats this year! I have a whole swarm of them stapled to my porch ceiling. :-)

Karen said...

Cool Bats! Very Hallo-Crafty of you. Would one like to come live in Virginia?

Anne said...

Don't enter me because I already have one of these nifty little guys, but I just wanted to add that the original Night of the Living Dead is free on Comcast's OnDemand!