16 August 2008

LoL, like the cool kids say

Today is International Tell a joke day so here's my all time favourite.

An old cop is sitting in his cruiser, bored to death, watching traffic go by when a car goes by filled with penguins. He shakes his head at his luck and pulls the car over. He asks the man what he could possibly be doing with all these penguins?does he have a license for these penguins? There'll be no penguins driving around on his watch, etc... And demands the man bring them to the zoo at once.
The man stammers and apologizes and tells him, yes sir, right away sir, and drives away.
The next week the same cop is on the same detail wishing he was still in bed when the car full of penguins cruises by again, but this time the roof is tied with a cooler, and towels, and all sorts of nonsense.
Annoyed now, he pulls them over again and asks the man: Didn't I tell you to bring these birds to the zoo? To which the man replies, yes sir, I did, and they loved it! and this week we're going to the beach!


Anne said...

Totally LoLing right now!

-Tee- said...

how have you never told me this one before?!? That's hilarious!! ROFLMAO!

Simone said...

I did LOL!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, man. That is funny!

-Tee- said...

hey this is the part of Not Your Average Joe's menu i was telling you about... http://notyouraveragejoes.com/local_joe/index.php