27 August 2008

I love to be outside day

Another favourite of summertime. Going out after dinner in pajamas.

There as no jammies this time, but ice cream with toddlers always requires a change of clothes after so may as well wait, right?

We went to the best local creamery with some good friends. You may recognize the mama there.

It was the perfect combination: The kids ran off energy and the parents got sugared up.
Harry ignored his spoon and dug his face right in. He was so cold by half way through that he was shaking! He gave up to go play with the girls instead.

We've also been watching concerts in jammies, visiting in jammies, squeezing in some more playtime outside in jammies. And of course enjoying some wine after dinner in jammies.

What are your favourite after dinner trips?

And my brother has left the personal webpage world to join the blogging ranks: No Kathy Lee. (Can you guess what his name is?) Mostly about daytime drama, all you soap-ers!


Jessica said...

My favorite after dinner trip is down the road to the lake where I can watch the sun set. It's always lovely and twenty years later, it still amazes me!

Anne said...

Okay, now I'm starting to think that Harry looks like you, and William is starting to look more like Paul. Call me crazy.
I'm so excited for autumn - I'm going to wear jammies and fur-lined slippers EVERYWHERE.
Off to go check out Regis' blog...

-Tee- said...

OMG!! I am never wearing that shirt again!! I look like I gained back all of my weight - YUCK!