29 August 2008

cooler days, cooler looks.

(Casey got me hooked on polyvore)

In the summer I dress like a bum. I don't like the heat and I'm usually by the pool or doing some other outdoor activity that requires no style. like sitting in the sandbox.

But when fall comes I want my soft sweaters and vintage boots and more style all around. This is what most of my flickr scouring has been lately.

I'm in love with all of this girl's looks.

Casey has an amazing yellow outfit here. I'm on a big yellow kick since I saw these adorable mustard-y flats at Target. I might like these better though. And I definately want these.

And I'm thinking of selling a kidney to get this dress and these boots.

What I really need is the thrift fairy to come bless my local shop so I can find some of these things on the cheap!

And tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. More on that next time.....


Azzy said...

I love the 2nd pair of yellow shoes!!! And I love Target oh so much... The Anthropolgie dresses are so cute. Once upon a time before children, maybe... Now that extra money goes to them. How life has changed. :) You should see if you can find that dress on eBay! Or with your talents, you could make something very similiar! I wish I could sew... or knit... or anything creative really!

I actually need to go through my clothes and decide what I want to keep and what I want to bring to Vetu. You are more than welcome to see what I have first! Sometimes clothes swapping is the best. New treasures!!! And speaking of Vetu, I bought a ton of clothes for the boys (b/c Connor gets the hand me downs anyway) and for less than $50! I love that store.

Amy said...

I'm ready now too, to switch from flip-flops to boots. Every Labor Day I start thinking about brown suede...