06 August 2008

I love to be outside day!

It's I love to be outside day, and it's perfectly crummy out. So here's some photos of our recent trip to Barney's Joy, Dartmouth, MA. It was the boys first real beach trip and they adored it. And there was no one there so I didn't have to paranoid mama and got to just enjoy myself.

Mommy's awesome bag in the sand.My very sweet little one in, crawling in the surf.
Mommy's treasure. (my lens was wet.)

How have you been loving the outdoors?

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Jessica loves lazy days.

Lorrie got to go sailing.

Anne's neighborhood is pho-teriffic



Jessica said...

Well, yesterday I wrote about loving to eat icecream sandwiches outside and play bocce---I love to be outside!!! Our day even began with a bicycle ride, but I forgot to write about that because it also involved a temper tantrum. Today I love to be outside so much I am bicycling to the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And where exactly did you get the pattern for that awesome bag??

Apron Thrift Girl said...

We had a beach day too this week. The weather was perfect and the sun was so warm. Sweet photo of your baby and the water. Precious

Lorrie said...

We've been enjoying getting out on the water in our little sailboat. These August days are too wonderful for staying indoors.

Love the picture of your beach treasures (the cuddly ones and the glass)


Ryan Green said...

I have a serious problem with sea glass - whenever I go to the ocean I find myself staring at the ground searching for pieces in the sand. that's a good one you found!

Anne said...

I did it! But not today. I cheated.

Sandy said...

I love a quick nap of 20 minutes of sunshine by our pool. It gives me my "pick-up" for the rest of the day.

Oh, I also love picking veggies from the garden. YUM.

Fun visiting you!