18 July 2008

a little bit of everything

Yesterday I got my new Amy Butler's In Stitches and I NEED these pants.

They look like they'd be very comfy and still cool for hot market days.

I started crocheting this bag from Lionbrand and already have about a million adjustments to make it into what I want. (but I may have been warned about that.)

And Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has landed on my bedside table. I just started a little bit last night. I had thought we were doing better on our local food and drink but I'm reminded we have so far to go. I need to fold it a brown paper cover, I think it will be going everywhere with me.

I have sewing and stitching to do today, I have nothing new ready. We're off to my favourite childhood fair tomorrow for Llama and Alpaca judging day and bull riding and most of all to see my little boy's face when he sees the midway light up for the first time.

And there's another small town fair. And our usual markets. And hopefully more blueberry picking (sans kids) on Monday. So I'll be a busy bee for the next couple days, all with wonderful happy things. I love summer!
I hope everyone's weekend is just as full of fun!


Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

Looks like you are as busy as I am! Summer is the BEST, isn't it? And I'll be fighting with the free Lion Brand patterns soon, too.

Jessica said...

Those lounge pants are so wonderful! Once you make one pair you'll want to make a bunch more. And AVM- what an awesome book!!! I loved every single page. In fact I read the book slowly over a month because I didn't want it to end!

Alexis said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm off to the Farmer's Market right now!

Amy said...

I LOVE that Amy Butler Book! I have a sheet just like your pillowcases on your bed! I would have to agree that summer is the best, specially Farmer's Market's!

Leslie said...

i just got that Amy Butler book and have plans for making those pants with a vintage sheet. They look so comfie. And Animal Vegetable Miracle is so fantastic. I bought a copy after reading it borrowed and loved every bit of it. I love to use it as a reference and for recipes