15 July 2008

I love to be outside day

Would anyone else be interested in joining in on the Wednesday is "I love to be outside" day? If anyone makes any outdoor admiration posts, I'll gladly link them all here. Let me know.

On to the photo.

My most favourite part of the warm weather, maybe of all time, is picking raspberries. and all their cousins.

Growing up, our home was surrounded by wild berries of all sorts: raspberries, black raspberries, and blackberries, elderberries, teaberries, tiny strawberries by the back door, and even some blueberries. So many warm days were spent scouring our four acres for these amazing treasure. I can still remember where each variety was found on the property.

When Paul and I got a yard of our own, berries were among the first to join our family. We have wild wine raspberries (which I will forever call thimbleberries because it's far cuter) that he carried home in a bucket, and are lucky enough to have some of the blackberries from my childhood home that were otherwise lost in a renovation.

The tiny cuttings have taken over an entire corner of the yard and, I'm sure, are trying for the neighbors on the other sides of the fences. This will be the first year that enough will (maybe) make it the whole fifty-foot walk back to the house to be made into jam.

Yesterday we picked the very first fruit of the season, and I learned that the one thing more wonderful than eating warm fruit in the sunshine is seeing a tiny boy picking for the first time all by himself.


Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

Mmm, those berries look AWESOME.
I'd love to join the Wednesday "I love to be outside" series!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I had my 'I love to be outside day' today ;-)