25 June 2008

I love to be outside day

I have a long day of doctor's appointments and many miles on the road so this will be a quick one. This weekend, we spent some time at Massasoit State Park for the boys first time hiking.

The giant sandbox definitely slowed us up a bit. These roots made a perfect seat for William when Daddy needed a break from the carrier. He was twenty-two pounds at his six month visit, we'll see what he is again today.
My three boys.
I hope the sun is shining and you get to be outside today where you are!


Azzy said...

If only Harry had a loader!!

-Tee- said...

I love your blog... so I'm tagging you with a challenge. I hope you like it :o)


g said...

Oh, the memories! We use to live very close to this park & went there all year round with our dog. Sigh...they don't have parks like that in the midwest, we miss it so. Glad to see at least someone gets to go there!