27 May 2008

not your usual cutesy post.

The other day, while I was cooking dinner, my brother(who is always here) yells across the house:

"dude. Zombie Targets!"

And while, I don't personally own a gun, I thought they were pretty entertaining. Pair it with one of the great Zombie Hunting Permit stickers and you have a good gift for the Romero fan who has everything. maybe?
I tried to contact Joe the founder to see if these guys are named after real people but his email box was full. Is that the kind of thing that only I would want to know?

More Zombie gifts (how often do you see that in print?) on Cafepress
Better than Subway
Kawaii Brains
And because I like bees, this


Simone said...

'Zombee' is a very clever product name!

Allison Fouse said...

My husband + brother in law + father in law are going to love you forever. That those are VERY cool! =)

Corwink said...

I am just stopping by to send you some blog love.

Super cute!

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