28 May 2008

I love to be outside day, again

It's early and the boys aren't up yet and there were nice surprises for me in the yard. It's shaping up to be a good day.

My sweet husband always mows around the buttercups in the grass.

My great grandmother's Irises are beginning to open.

We are the fourth and fifth generation to live in this house and all the plants have a history that we remember every year when they come back around again.

We have some tiny little peas and beans poking out of the garden soil.

And I almost didn't notice this. I've been paying such close attention to my older Clematis plant, I wasn't expecting anything from this one this year. Well, it showed me and bloomed first. And I had forgotten it was purple, the other is white.

And this little plant is a new orphan. The Church my sister-in-law has attended all her life is being torn down. At the final service, they told the congregation to take anything they liked and she took this flower to remember it by. (I told you all the plants have stories.)

It's a perennial but that's all we know. Can anyone identify this? Contrary to most of the photos I post, we're not huge flower people.

So what are you excited about in your yard this week?


Tracy said...

How beautiful :D

KitKnitty said...

I'm excited about all of the wild strawberries in our yard. They're so beautiful! And my little boy is excited about all of the worms he finds when he pulls weeds with his grandpa.

KitKnitty said...

Oh, and I envy your buttercups! So pretty!

Raletourn50 said...

I'm excited and jealous
My garden doesn't look half as good

Keep up the good work

Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

Beautiful! Your last plant looks like some kind of Dianthus - maybe Sweet William?

Anonymous said...