09 May 2008

Mother's Day Giveaway!

I know I just had one of these, but I've "met" so many great mums, I thought I'd do another.
So here's another for this pillow:

(hmmm... Why did it come up rotated.....?)
It's a prayer pillow and that's a pocket on the back to tuck in your hopes, concerns, and thoughts of thankfulness. Or if you're not religious, it could be a dream or worry pillow. It's not perfect but a lot of love went into it. Remember, I'm a beginner, haha. I haven't stuffed, it yet, I have to pick up more fill, I just wanted to get it up.

All you have to do is comment here if you are a mum, have a mum or know a mum. And if you're super sweet, you could post a link to this on your own blog. I'll draw a winner Mother's Day morning and post Monday.
Okay, I'm off to buy some fill. Happy Mother's Day All!


Simone said...

I won't enter this as I won the last giveaway (not received anything yet though.) Happy Mother's Day to you! We had Mother's Day in the UK back in March!

Cheryl A said...

Ah, you are too kind, Elizabeth...

KitKnitty said...

Pick me! Pick me! Actually I want to win it for my mother who broke her foot a few weeks ago and needs some good wishes. (ps. I love your blog and am trying to figure out a way to use your stick/star labels in my home.)

Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

It was so nice meeting you at the farmers' market yesterday, Elizabeth! I love your blog so much that I'm feeling a little dizzy right now, especially since I also love zombies with a passion too!
If you are interested in my blogs, they are:
Hope you had a nice mother's day!
Anne (the crazy girl who couldn't get her tent up.)