29 April 2008

Goldie hates me again.

It was a rainy crummy day, The husband was at work and the boys were both napping, so I was bored. After breaking my last needle on old Goldie,

And Buster letting me know I had spent enough time blog surfing,
I picked up my hook and started this:

A round afghan. Why round? I have no idea. Because I feel like working in the round works up faster. And less awkward then two rows of stitches a hundred stitches wide. Anyway, I figure I can use up all my odd ends of skeins and make a big stripey blanket for the babies to use outside. We'll see how far I get before I decide to be a Virgo and make it all match. No random striping for us perfectionist types, haha.

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Simone said...

Go on. Go random. I dare ya!