26 April 2008

being sneaky

With one boy with the grandparents and the other napping and daddy gone for the day, I was sure that it was the perfect time to run outside and take a few shots of the halfghan I never got any good photos of. Well, the little one must have smelled me being productive and is now awake, on my lap, and happily staring at the keys as I type.
Here's the halfghan. It's all just plain old Red Heart Worsted acrylic for washability with two boys. Except the stone colour which is Vanna's choice. It's acrylic too, but so much softer.
I think these are my favourite colours together.
Now I'm off to make a small dent in the quilting progress. It's a good thing I like to have a dozen projects going on at once, because I soon as I found this, I knew another one was on the way.


Allison Fouse said...

This is really beautiful. You're right, the colors look great together. I wish I could do cool stuff like that.

Simone said...

I really like the stone colour. It really brings all the other colours together. I usually have about a dozen projects on the go at any one time!

g said...

I love the colors - its looks so pretty & cozy!

Randi said...

So pretty! Great work!

Amy said...

the colors are great, this is one thing I wish I knew how to do!