19 March 2008

Easter week, the third day of chocolate-driven blogging

Who’s that hiding in the laying box…..?

It’s Edison the baby ami chick, with his little brothers: George on the right and Henry on the left.
He’s very anxious for his brothers to emerge so they can help him pull the ribbon off his neck. He doesn’t think it’s very masculine. And then they can figure out a way to get out of this nest and down to the floor so they can dig in the yard for spring worms like proper young roosters should.

More adorable chickies waiting for spring at flickr:
Hanging out with a cool beanie by Harupi
Cell charms by Tamagurumi
Fuzzies by the amazing planetjune
Disproportionate cuteness by p-tricia
And this one, that is just too much with it’s eggie diaper. Also by Harupi.

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