20 March 2008

Chocolate peeps and other sugary goodness.

Peeps are like Kale Soup. They’re light-years better the second day. (I checked and the recipe writer is from my city so it’s real kale soup)

But chocolate covered peeps are almost too good to let cool. I didn’t realize I had almost no chocolate in the house and had to more paint these babies than dip them. They’re yummy either way.
This year, Harry is big enough to egg hunt. Memere has been priming him for months with those plastic eggs that he loves. So last night was my little egg filling party. Guest list: me, the two cats, and one and a half glasses of red wine. And way too much candy. Thank God for the teenage niece and nephews. They should take care of that.

After my latest trip to target, I’m a bit peeved by all the so-called easter candy out there. Put a pastel wrapper on any existing candy and *poof* it’s easter candy. Whatever happened to just Peeps, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, and Palmer’s bunny money?

If you haven’t yet, check out the Peeps website. It plays silly tuba music and they kind of dance. I love that you can buy them online. And there’s a bunch of fun facts. My favourite is:
“The machines at the Just Born Factory can add 3800 PEEPS® eyes per minute!”
And yes, according to them, the yellow chicks are still the most popular.
The wikipedia entry on Peeps is particularly entertaining as well.

Peeps are huge in our family. Mostly because farm animals love them. When we were kids, my mum would buy them for our baskets and every year they’d sit around until someone carried them out and fed them to the goat or cow or whatever other animal we had hanging around at the time. Finally mum stopped putting them in our baskets altogether, but she didn’t stop buying them. Of course now that we’re older and have gained a taste for them, my mum gets a tiny bit mad when we “steal the goat’s peeps” Go figure.
Okay, last thing. The cute peeps bubble blower I got at the dollar store.