28 February 2008

february sun brings crocuses, who needs may showers yet?

The snow last week fueled my baking binge.

This is just a knot of iced thimbleberries.

The sun this week is getting me itchy for some time in the garden. While the little one slept, the big one and I headed outside quickly,

in our jammies

to check out what kind of state the yard was in. There was a lot of green and buds so we were pleased. Here’s a few shots of what’s to come.

My wisteria that came up from just a tiny twig has tiny buds.

And the clematis likewise

Apart from Nana’s plants, all of ours came up from nothing. We’re big plant recyclers. A clipping here, a discarded plant there and some discount ones in between. The ivy and thimbles and plum trees came from Martha’s Vineyard. The holly is from the llama field.


Some of Nana’s plants peeking up. Yesterday was her birthday, she would have been ninety. We miss her most this time of year.

The snow in summer that’s been here since the dawn of time

And the crocuses that are usually up by now. I think this is the first year that they’re this late.

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