05 January 2012

January 5 is National Bird Day

National Bird Day, who knew?

Source: piccsy.com via Carla on Pinterest

Here's a few little links from my Google reader in honor of our feathered friends.

Feed the little dears:

Bagel feeder from 4 crazy kings!

The prettiest bird seed wreath is at The Mother Huddle.

Or string up any leftover cookies you have hanging around the house from the holidays. You don't have any? It's only me? oh, okay....

Source: teneues.com via Jill on Pinterest

Make a few beauties of your own:

Torie Jayne has a super cute pattern.

And of course these cuties from purl bee.

Or be one!

How awesome are these dress up wings from Prudent baby via Craft: ?

Happy Bird Day, loves!

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Auntie A said...

bird love!