25 October 2011


12 April

With cold season on the horizon, I've been trying to brush up my herbs to avoid all the sniffles and such that are bound to come from Harry now being in public school. I'm just not all that confident in over the counter medicines that are going to just treat symptoms when I can go the natural route and prevent the colds altogether.

Did you know that sage and thyme are great herbs for cold fighting? Neither did I until I read it yesterday over on Keeper of the Home. Which was perfect because I had just received a terrific cough in the face from a little boy at kindergarten drop off. thanks, kid.

With all four of us waking up and going to bed coughing lately, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I grabbed a bag of frozen homemade veggie stock from the freezer and a handful of sage and thyme from the yard. Toss in the last squash I found while I was out there and a little onion and you cannot believe how good my house smelled! I bet would be wonderful whirled in the blender too.

Now there's a jar in the fridge waiting for me to heat and sip all day. mmm.( I may have put in too much crushed red pepper in this batch for the little ones) And since sage is pretty hardy, I should be able to pick it fresh for awhile before it has to come in to dry. The plant in the picture is almost a decade old, it just keeps hanging on. I love it.

Do you have a special cold concoction you'd maybe want to share?

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Liesl said...

I didn't know that about sage and thyme!