15 August 2011

new happy place


I rearranged my yard. Now my table is in the green cave of my maple tree. It's my new happy place. perfect for quiet breakfast when we're waking up slow. Perfect for laughing over tea with my girlfriends. Perfect for a drink after the boys go to bed.

And perfect for colouring.

Have you seen the ICAD project over at daisy yellow? I wish I was committed enough to say I have a handsome stack of cards to show but I don't! Haha! Just a few. It started with picking the most perfect green zebra tomato from the garden. Yes, I am inspired by tomatoes!

( okay, I tried to take a picture of it but I am still camera-less and the light is no good today...sigh..)

I dragged out the crayons, makers, pens and colored pencils and we really had so much fun bouncing ideas around and doodling. Making some meaningful things and some just plain old silly too.

And I felt like I was making something. This summer has been so busy, crafting has taken a back seat, but this felt like doing something.

So click on over and just try not to be inspired. I bet you can get a pack of index cards cheapcheap with these back to school sales......

1 comment:

gypsy said...

Elizabeth, This spot under the maples for gabbing, drawing and chilling sounds dreamy {we can't fathom eating outdoors for months, too hot}! I'm psyched that you are drawing on INDEX CARDS!