30 May 2011

Tada!! Our first run! There it is 2.9 miles.

Really? two point NINE? We couldn't make three even...whatever.

We joyfully (mostly) ran our kickoff course and finished gracefully with a little under an eleven and a half minute mile average. But people, it was hot. even at 7 am. it was hot already. Come July, we'll be running at 8pm when it finally cools down!

But we were really so happy to be out today at the beginning of this journey. Even if you could maybe quote me saying " I didn't mean a hundred miles today!!" Yes, first day. I'm pathetic, I know.

And we're excited to get back out there tomorrow. And all the summer runs to follow. This is going to be a great challenge.

Are you joining us? Come on, my MOM is doing it, you know you can. She's walking it, keeping track on her giant office calender. Don't let my mom shame you, I'll never let you live it down, Hahahaaa! I'll put your name on the ***super-awesome-list-of-glory*** to the right there, and I may have something snazzy in mind for all of you all come September.

So I'll close with a photo of me and Tee after our first run, my batteries died before we left of course, couldn't possibly get a shot of us before we were all sweaty....

99-100 kickoff

(Isn't Tee too cute? Is that what my gut really looks like....?)

ps: That's The husband's high school track team t-shirt that he downright refuses to throw out.

pps: It looks better on me ;)

97.1 miles to go.

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