31 May 2011

99/100 for a cause bigger than me

99/100 challenge!
(all about the project here.)

So when we starting thinking about this project, we immediately decided that we'd end with a friend and family 5K with donations from the runners to benefit our local food pantry. But then as I was making breakfast, it hit me: What if we could donate more than just a tiny "entrance fee"?

What if we got sponsors?

We could do so much more good!

So now,

Tee and I are accepting sponsors for our 100 miles!!!

Be warned, this will probably motivate us to go more than 100 miles!!

Maybe you'd like to give a little bit? Maybe you could sponsor for five or ten cents a mile? twenty cents? Fifty cents? big spender! Or maybe you'd like to just spare some change, we love that too. And so will the pantry! I've added a PayPal Donation button over in the sidebar if you're interested!

Maybe funds are tight? I know they are all over. But will you please add us to your prayers? We appreciate those more than you know! and please, spread the word, maybe post a link on your own awesome blog?

So maybe think about it? And if you're participating in our 99/100, ( it's never too late to join, you know!!) you might get a friend or two as sponsors for a cause local to you.

Getting outside, getting fit, and helping out a good cause? Can this project get any better!?