04 April 2011


a few things I'm loving on lately:

8 tracks! Click for the mix that goes with that photo. Four year-old dancing around singing "disko disko partizani!" is entertaining for sure!

30 days of lists. I love lists.

SoulPancake. Chew on life's big questions. Who doesn't love Raiin Wilson?

And the library. I wish I could have some nice enough weather to ride my bike down. Seriously, it's my happy place lately. I sneak out when Paul gets home and grab a magazine or cookbook and just zen out for fifteen minutes on one of their yard-sale chic sofas. I come back a new woman.

And Pixie Campbell in all her beautiful, earth mama glory. Her blog is like a deep breath.

And my little tiny sprouts coming up in their TP tube pots. The snowpeas are peeking up.

And jogging. yes, really. I started jogging. And I don't hate it. who knew?

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