11 June 2010


shells cuddling

tiny bits on seaweed

I would head straight to the beach every morning if I could. Grab me a big green tea, and donuts for the kids because I love how happy they get when they see those sprinkles. A little transistor radio would be nice. and my yarn. Listen to the water, pick my seaglass and whatnot, take some photos of course. Just be in the quiet. Makes my heart feel all warm, you know.

And just sit and watch them splash until the bellies start rumbling for lunch.

Yeah, I could so start every day like that... Of course, this weekend seaside with no kids at all will be plenty of wonderful also...

Hope your weekend has lots of quiet joy.


Liesl said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely time was had. My goal this summer is to get to the shore at least once! I haven't been in years.

Karen said...