21 April 2010

my easter table

I got to host Easter this year ( finally )

bunny and massa

I got to set my table in my husband's grandmother's china and all kinds of other thrifted goodness. I used old silver from four generations ago and countless thrifted pieces in between.

basket of plates

I baked, sauteed, steamed and flipped for my family. And they came with their arms loaded up too. Oh so much food...

I dyes eggs with onion skins like my Nana always did.

eggs dyed for easter with onions

It was so beautiful here, we got to have dessert outside.

easter flowers

Some of us even got a tiny sunburn. It was a marvelous day. Even the dog hunted for plastic eggs. He learned how to open them real quick!

my place setting

This is my place at the table. My favourite fork, knife and of course, my crowned "E" spoon.

I was so busy that I didn't even get to craft place markers. But I have about a hundred ideas for next year....can't wait.