04 March 2010


my google reader has been overflowing for, oh...two weeks now? I finally got through all those lovely posts and I'm overflowing with ideas now.

Things I need to do in the the kitchen:

Umm, carmelized onion, anything.

Cheesy Potato fans? Thank you Jami!

Things I need to do with my hands:

Dinosaur mittens that are to-freaking-die for!

Sweet little books from cereal boxes. This would be a good little thing to keep in your purse, no?

Make some family napkins. I bet the boys would use theirs if they had dinosaurs on them, hmmm...

Pretty little (easy!) paper goodness.

Endless possibilities from recycled tin stars!

Things to do with the kids:

Paint on rice cakes, of course, why didn't I think of that..?

Alphabet printing!

Oh and let's not even get started on all this boy stuff here!

Things I'm dreaming about:

Oh the cuteness! like little girls wrapped in pretty dresses!

And this, first dress!! and the fourth, too!

The colours in this photo. Who am I kidding, I love ALL her photos.

And can I please just live in this wedding scene for-e-v-e-r...?

And if not, can I at least come home to this house?

And folks, I think this here would be a great family practice for this Lenten season. Gather some pieces, and even the littlest ones can help build packages in gallon zippy bags.


Allison Fouse said...

Dino mittens. Yes.

Jessica said...

Books from cereal boxes is super fun--I used to do that a lot when I worked in the schools.