04 February 2010

yep, I love them.

My two year old could colour for days. He's already exhausted the enormous coluring book he got for Christmas. He had a meltdown when Paul went to get him ready for bed and he realized the crayons weren't going too.

He loves his crayons. At twenty-eight months, he still only speaks a handful of words, but colours! is one he knows loud and clear.

We can't even go near the drawer that holds them without a demand to pull them all out. God help you if you were just going for a paperclip, haha!

So we got him these.

crayons 002

And yes, I love them. They're perfect for his chubby little hands, they come in a box of twenty colours and they're recycled.

crayons 001

But best of all, they don't roll off the table. I don't know about you, but my guy has to go in his chair to colour, I'm easily distracted and that's how you get toddler murals, people. So if one drops off the table, I get to be the one to chase it.

crayons 003

And they have five pointy tips.

We got them on amazon but they're also available at stubby pencil. Nine bucks may seem expensive, but he only gets four at a time and I make sure they all get back in the box at cleanup time so their lifespan will be longer than a week.

We do have our own little crayon purgatory for making some like these. Did you ever do that in elementary school? My art teacher had a very dangerous looking machine that had a dozen or so shot-glass sized metal cups rigged onto a thick wires that heated up.

No one asked me to endorse these crayons, (I just thought I'd share with anyone else who was maybe tired of chasing round crayons that toddlers tossed under the table? especially with a nibbly puppy in the house?) but, hey if anyone wants to send me free crayons, I'm so open to that, haha!


Amy said...

my m-i-l gave Q some similar ones for the holidays but he found them very frustrating because of the muscle required to make them actually draw. these seem much better and i do love the fact that they don't roll off the table. that is a huge thing - especially at restaurants. it's great that your little one loves to draw so much. if he's anything like my little one though - watch him closely or you'll end up with 'art' on your walls!

affectioknit said...

Those are awesome!

andreac said...

After seeing these...just had to find out more. Tried to "melt" my own once but they didn't some out as pretty.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I love those! I almost bought the rock ones for Christmas, but held out. Now I will be searching for star molds to selvage all our nubby and broken crayons.

Amanda said...

Ooh, cool! Lucy is a crayon fanatic too. Thanks for sharing those! And I hear you about the regular ones rolling off the table. Either I have to get them or she tries and hits her head on the table. :(