05 October 2009

weekend recap

Fhvn Historical Society Chandelier

Fhvn Historical Society Organ

Fhvn Historical Society Wood Stove

pretty dish

Phew, it was a long one.

Yard sales, farmer's market, dinners with both families and lots of crochet time.

Sunday we snuck into the historical society for a quick tour during farmer's market, that's the first three shots.

The dish I picked up for a whole fifty cents at a yard sale. it's sitting there waiting for it's glue to dry on the handle. God bless my sweet husband and his shop full of all different epoxies, glues, and other stickies for just such jobs.

Lots of crochet time too since I decided to do a craft show that I have NO inventory for. I've been crocheting at red lights today. really. So wish me luck for that, I'm not sure how it's going to go, whether it'll be worth my time at all or not. But I'm jumping in, so yeah, wish me luck.


starrinite said...

awesome pics and goodluck!

affectioknit said...

Oh that dish...

best wishes for the craft show!

Liesl said...

Beautiful details.
Good luck with the craft show! :)

Amanda said...

Beautiful shots. Hope you have lots of luck at the craft show! :)