12 October 2009


quiet time

The big visit was wonderful and I was just pooped yesterday. Sightseeing, museums, waterfront, tea drinking, yarn oggling, of and of course, tons of food.

So it's back to my regularly scheduled programming today. Laundry, dishes and all sorts of everyday-ish things. Except of course developing those cemetery photos for a swap, roasting some pumpkins to make the house smell wonderfull and fall-ish. Maybe a nice walk in this cool air?

crow's feet punkin

Everyday-ish doesn't have to be boring-ish. And I have to make this my new computer wallpaper. This guy's smile-lines just get me right there in my Halloween bone. And he looks like he forgot to put his dentures in. Which is always funny...


Jill said...

Working on my photos now... should be posted soon. I hope. 204 is a LOT to sift thru.

Liesl said...

That pumpkin made my day.
Sounds like you've been enjoying fall. :)

Jessica said...

What a lovely fall day--those smile lines get me too!

Leanne said...

haha, that pumpkin is great!
I always enjoy reading your blog, your posts are so calming and lovely!

Amanda said...

That pumpkin is hilarious! Love him!