27 October 2009

orange leaves and orange spoons

Sunset at the farm

This is looking down our driveway at sunset. Aaah. I love it.

Okay, remember those yummy chocolate pops I had the other day?

These are what they made me think of:

choco spoons cooling

dipped spoons!

Around here, trick-or-treating is a cold weather event, like caroling. So these will be perfect to put into hot chocolate when we get back in!

They're easy beans to make, like this:

Gather your supplies and line the counter with wax paper.

choco spoons supplies

Melt your chocolate ( I just used dark chips) in your micro, thirty seconds at a time, until they're a nice dippy consistency.

chocolate and sprinkles

If you just want to have sprinkles on one side, dip away, then sprinkle and lay on your wax sheet to cool and harden. If you want to sprinkle both sides, do the backs first and lay to dry, then fill up the bowl of the spoon and sprinkle that side.

choco spoons backs

I tied them up like little ghosties,

choco spoons wrapped

(I liked these two best, the left looks surprised and the right has a nose!)

They look awful nice just sitting in a jar too.

choco spoons jarred

We had a Halloween party Saturday and gave the tied ones as favors for the kids and put the rest next to the coffee for the adults and they were a big hit!

And easy. Did I mention easy? Kids can help with this one for sure. Just sprinkling for the littler ones, but bigger kids can dip and even tie them into ghosts and draw faces!

And the winner of the Halloween Bunting is Amanda of Late Night Stamper! But I have something Halloween-y in mind to share with everyone, too. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day. (Last minute much, Elizabeth?)


Amanda said...

Fun!!! I think I'll have to make a Christmas version of those!

Liesl said...

So much orange-halloween-autumny goodness here. :)

Jill said...




Those spoons look SO yummy.

Melissa said...

I have had a recipe for a Christmas version of these for years and was actually going to make them this year. I was wondering, how well do they sit at room temp?

Melissa said...

Hey thanks for stopping by to answer my question! Also, I forgot to mention your spoons are lovely and look ever so tasty!

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Blueteam said...

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