21 September 2009

weekend highlights

Saturday was a bust with all the cleaning/moving/rearranging going on around here. I was not pleasant to be around. But Sunday made up for it with family picnicking goodness.

Watching planes from the local airport put on a show.

plane tricks 2

plane tricks

They were dropping lengths of paper (toilet paper rolls?) and then circling around to cut them in two. Does anyone know a name for this? They were pretty low on the last pass, I was worried for a split second there!


Yummo, escargot

( You may be thinking "eww" but you'd eat dirt if my father-in-law prepared it. Yeah, he's that good.)

And family photos. Will was napping, we'll photoshop him in later!

The fam-damily

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Allison said...

I have never seen airplanes do that before. That is freakin awesome!