28 August 2009

Okay, I was never back yesterday.

But if you were me, you wouldn't have spent a second here either. Not with everything else going on: Walking to eat breakfast out, playground and beach time, periwinkle and seaglass hunting,


sea digging

seaweedy rock

Say what you want about our rocky New England beaches, they make the best seaglass, this is just a tiny fraction of what we brought home yesterday. Yes, I admit my addiction...


naptime, sunning time, fresh library books, "fun food" shopping*,

take out dinner with Uncle Reg, pooltime, feeding marshmallows to llamas and cows and a campfire! Phew! Who has time to blog? ps - Sunday is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, just so you know. ;)

baby margaret hat

baby margaret hat ruffle

And I did get that hat done at the beach on Wednesday! Plain and sweet. Not the best photo, I wanted to give it to the mama right away. (Hi Azzy!) Apparently the the secret to getting to sit down at the beach is more kids, not less, the occupy eachother pretty well! We only had to corral them back in front of us three or four times. Not bad in my book.

Now we've got a full weekend ahead of us of birthdays, and end of summer celebrations! That is if we don't get a hurricane. Of course, being trapped inside with cooler weather doesn't sound so bad. Cooler means I don't mind spending some time baking. And everyone in this house is partial to some wrapping up in blankets to snuggle.

You know, I better stock up on some essentials just in case we do get hit: More library books, popcorn, balls of yarn and of course, wine...

My word, this is a long and wordy post! Happy weekend all!

*Every now and then we head over to the local discount store and pick up fun food from the grocery department. Like lingonberry jam, organic pickles, stevia soda, lots of food in fun packaging. For a few dollars you can kill time a rainy day and see better things than you find at the regular market. I guess you could do this in the imported aisle at the supermarket, too.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Sea glass! One of my favourite things in the entire world. enjoy your days.

affectioknit said...

What fun - lovely sea glass...

Jessica said...

I love searching for sea glass...and I prefer our New England beaches :)

Laurie said...

I've been to NH beaches and have yet to find sea glass! I must be looking in the wrong place.
Let's hope we don't get too much rain this weekend.
Have a good day!