03 June 2009

weekend highlights. yes I know it's Wednesday already.

(first photo by Memere)

boylan cap

too cute

can't cut the apron strings

Strawberry picking, carnival visiting, playgrounding, plant exploring, frog catching, pizza-ing, what more could a couple of boys ask for?


-Tee- said...

hey I created the couch potato workout... check it out!!


I know, I promised you it in January! lol

Karen said...

how in the world did I miss all of this? what beautiful photos!
If this is how your life goes I am coming for a visit. All strawberry picking and carnival-ing, and you know we love us some frog catchin' - yes, we're in - In fact, I am packing now.

Tiff said...

How fun! I bet they were worn out after all t hat fun!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Boylan soda is the best. Seriously, they make the best ginger ale ever. Ever.