15 June 2009

I should have a lot to show you

birthday cake

but instead I only have a lot to tell you.
We got up to Maine this weekend for the annual hubby's birthday trip (Happy Birthday Paul! ) and while I'm usually camera queen, I have nothing to show you.
As soon as we were done singing happy birthday, (which was pretty much as soon as we got there,) the camera batteries promptly died.

So you'll have to close your eyes and picture it all instead. Wait, you'll have to read this, then close your eyes. It won't work the other way around.

So picture a clear comfortable campsite with no one on any other tent sites around. Tiny shops that we already know inside and out but have to look around this year anyway. Searching candy shops for vintage brands, it's easy when there's one at every fourth door. Playing the same games year after year at the arcade. Eating lunch on the mountain top. Antique malls stacked high with vintage kitchen goods that my friends have to drag me away from, (or just roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders and call in Paul for back-up. ) Gourmet dinners cooked outside.

And best of all long slow nights around a campfire until all hours, talking about everything from how we met, to conspiracy theories about the Patriots losing the Superbowl, haha!

And all of it kicked off with not one but two rainbows. One in Quincy, MA and one in Kittery, ME

quincy rainbow

kittery rainbow

(pardon the poor quality, photography at seventy miles an hour makes no promises)

I did get in some thrifting along the way. Sneaky me. I'll share those finds tomorrow. Now I'm off to the market to see if I can do like Gail and feed my fam for $50 a week. Wish me luck


affectioknit said...

Fun! Happy Birthday! We love rainbows too - even at 70 mph...

Amy said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!

randi said...

Happy birthday!

Gail is my grocery shopping hero!