14 May 2009

spring is full on now.

first cone 2009

The weather is warming up more and more. Summer is right around the corner!
Summer means more ice cream. Going out to the creamery after dinner in pajamas, (Auntie and Muncle always come along) or just scooped into the cone at the table at home, it's one of our favourite things of the summer.
So of course we start as soon as possible.


Allison Fouse said...

You and your rainbow sprinkles! ;0)

Amy said...

ice cream is the best part of summer!
Last night we had some! I chose cherry chocolate chip, yummy!
I think this year it will mean more gelato too, there is a new gelato place down the street from me, OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Karen said...

eat double. some for me. lactose intolerance makes me want to die every time I dare eat even a small, teeny, tiny bite of ice cream. And that picture looks so yummy. I could lick the computer screen.

Jessica said...

Ice cream in jammies is the best!

Anna said...

this photo(and post) brings an instant smile - I am not 100% sure why. Perhaps, it brings back my own summer memories of trips to the lcoal store for ice cream after dinner (we were probably in our pyjamas as well!)