08 May 2009

pink cake day

I'm loving my new paste food colours.
Almost as much as a love a nice quiet naptime that I can get to the sewing machine.
To make a new pink pillowcover for the sofa. This has been my ongoing project. All our throw pillows are stained. Spitup, banana, muddy shoe, little boy things. I'll share them when I'm all finished. If that ever happens.
Until then, I'll share my cake from my pink day:

pink cake

pink cake 5

someone had to cut into it...

pink cake 2


pink cake 3


pink cake 4


I should have gotten a shot of the unreal cartoon colour my tongue turned!
Now I'm off for a girl's-only shopping trip. Overnight! This is the first time I've been away from the boys alone. (besides the hospital stay) Yikes! Then a meet-and-greet a good drive away and a whole day of Mother Appreciation. Phew!
Hope your weekends are just as fun!


Karen said...

gorgeous pink cake! i think i will also need a cake today.
I hope you have a wonderful time on your shopping trip - think of it - you will be able to actually look at things and make decisions without feeling rushed, running someone to the bathroom or digging through your purse for a bribe. It will be a great day for you :)

Karen said...

I also like the way you spell colors - colours - its so fancy.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love all the gooey frosting

littlelovelies said...

ok...save me a slice! that is the prettiest cake ever! x nadine