28 May 2009


Night before last, little brother got to go spend the night at Memere's. So I had Harry all to myself.
What to do?
Get breakfast out and do some thrifting of course!

boy mama breakfast 1

boy mama breakfast 2

boy mama breakfast 3

We had pancakes and chocolate milk (which surprisingly wasn't such a big hit. He stole my tea instead. I suppose I should be glad.) and fruit and a sweet little waitress who Harry loved.

Are you all having fun checking out the great giveaways at sew mama sew?

I'm loving finding a ton of new blogs to read.

A couple I'm loving:

i heart linen
ex libris handmade
julie adore
liesl made (love the name liesl!)
modern acorn
p.s. i quilt
rosa e chocolat

and shops!

How sweet are these dolls?
And anything here.

ps - 124 comments as of now?! Wow! I wish I had more bags to give!


Zarah said...

Adorable photos - he's so CUTE with those big eyes! :D

rachel griffith said...

thanks for the shout out.

Amanda said...

What a cutie!

Julie adore said...

Thank you for share my Blog ;-)