08 January 2009

where are you , Camera !?!

With the Canon still MIA, I'll make do with a photo from last year at about this time.

We wish we were out of doors this year, but it's far to mushy and slushy and all around yucky. and cold. Did I mention cold?

All this time inside though does give us time to think about what we want for the year, and especially the times we will get to be running free. We have a little tradition of flipping through the last year's calendar and getting ourselves all anxious for the New Year's promises. Birthdays, holidays, annual trips and vacations and all the traditions that go along and make them our own.
And we write a (never resolution, really) To-Do list. And while the family list is extensive and rather extravagant in it's hopes, some are just for mum.

* Make each of my boys a bed-sized blanket, be it an afghan or quilt, * Make my big boy an apron for his new love of helping mum cook, * Blog more consistently (we shall see...), * Donate more crafts to those in need, *Learn to knit, *Finish the Great Granny Ghan (which I could share the starts of, if I had the camera. ) *Finish the pinwheel quilt that husband has been begging for. And so many more.

And so many firsts I hope for this year with both boys being big enough to experience things more fully. First hikes, faires, trips, camping maybe? And, God willing, maybe, a first home. We'll see.
2009 what have you got in store for us?

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Azzy said...

First trip to VA Beach perhaps with and without kiddies!!! How did you make out the following day?