10 January 2009

This is what we eat for lunch

it's not what they eat for lunch,
but while I'm preparing and cutting and feeding and sippy cup-filling, I forget to make anything for me until dessert time when I realize I'm starving. I only had a couple bites.

This great cake stand was a Christmas gift from my Mum. And since my favourite way to warm up a cold house is to bake, I got to give it it's first resident last night. All that colourful goodness on top is crushed ribbon candy leftover from the holiday. Yum!
I've been wanting a nice stand for so long and this one is perfect.
plain and pretty.

Plus, the knob on top lets you peek in and see anything opposite you in a some stretchy, upside-downy way. See.


Karen said...

ahhh...I LOVE a good cake stand. I will photograph mine sometime and share it with you.
I see you found your charger...:)

Alexis said...

That cake is so pretty! And I love the cake stand, too.

Anonymous said...

That cake stand is amazing! I too have been wanting one for a while but most of the ones I see are a bit too much for me. I want have this one : )

Jen said...

Yummy cake! That stand looks like one my sister has...can you flip over the stand, and set the cover on it (also upside-down) to make a punch bowl? Then it IS just like my sister's. I wish I had one...Oh, thanks for commenting on my Cowboy Stew. Let me know if you try it!

Cheryl A said...

I really like your cake stand, and lid. I wish I had one too.

Jen said...

I knew it! Cool. You are so lucky, aren't you?