02 January 2009

slow time

The last bits of tissue and wrapping are gone, every last present distributed, and while the final cookies are on their way out to the birds, the tree is still up and those twinkly lights are on. We really wish all the relatives were still gathered around too, but it's okay. It's slow time now.
We had a nice little storm on New Year's Eve Morning. With one boy napping and two out walking in the snow, Mum gets some quiet time to herself. Hooray! Snuggling under last year's blanket, working on this year's. With cocoa with mini candy canes and too much Fluff. (Marshmallow creme to non-locals.)

I've been enjoying the cold and snow with lots of couch time. Snuggling, playing with new toys, (the wagon has been dubbed a time machine!) and slooooow crafting, as opposed to the frantic crafting pre-holiday. We stayed in for New Year's but we did have a little overnight guest. Palmer the pomeranian. The boys were thrilled.

So far the new year has kicked off with my mum having surgery on her broken arm and me needed a new washing machine. Mum came through just fine and the new machine is so freaking big, but I miss the old one. Can you blame me? It was so pretty (and thirty-ish years old...)

please ignore the dust.

And what's this? The last piece of Big Hunk?

Well, I suppose there's worse things to add to a to-do list than candy making.

I'm still dragging my feet and taking advantage of this slow time. I'll be back next week with photos of those secret gifts that took so much of my time, and some(resolution is such and ugly word)goals list shall we say for 2009.

For now, I'm crawling back under some blankets with some bright yarn and an I hook. See you in a few days.


Jessica said...

I love this down time after the holidays when the days are so comfy and long. Blankets are welcoming and no one can complain about an extra cup of cocoa...enjoy these fine days.

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, we had the same washer when I was growing up - I recognized the knob - it made me smile - thanks - sorry it pooped out!

Cody said...

Why, in my 23 years of life, have I never put marshmallow fluff on hot cocoa? Why don't I have marshmallow fluff? So yummy-looking...

I also recognize that washer knob. I had completely forgotten about that machine until now... getting used to the more modern one was a pain.

edward and lilly said...

Hi Elizabeth, just popping in to say a big thank you for the cupcakes :)

The little one was such a surprise and it's so cute!
Hope you received your little bird ok.

Happy New Year

Best wishes

Oh, I just blogged about it too.

Amy said...

Happy new year!
That knob is beautiful! I hope you kept it for something crafty!

Cheryl A said...

Of all the washing machines I've ever encountered, yours has the most stylish knob. My MIL has the same one and, seriously, I've always admired it.