08 December 2008

this post is all over the place...

While the big show wasn't amazing, it wasn't terrible either. And I'll definitely do it again next year.
The room (gym) was good, and my neighbors were really great. I had some beautiful glass on one side, homemade dog treats on the other, beautiful baby knits back to back and a chainsaw artist I know across from me.
The cupcakes were a BIG hit. and the acorns. Both of which I had to crochet more of both days and Saturday night so as not to sell out. But consensus was that this year was a low turnout and sales were down for everyone. At least I had some time to write out my Christmas list at last.

I learned quite a bit.
Like I will not do another show without someone to sit with me again. I was bored out of my mind. And it really was a cruel torture to be stuck behind a table all day when there were a hundred and ninety-nine other great tables to explore. And.....bathroom breaks!
And I'm going to bring gold stars for people who reuse bags. Really. Little gold star stickers. There was altogether too many plastic bags being doled out there.

Overall it was a good time. By three on Sunday, no one was doing too much business, so I gave up and went shopping instead.

I got these super cute tree napkin rings for just fifty cents! They won't be used for napkins, but they look great on the tiny Christmas display that's up for the boys.

And some delicate crocheted snowflakes. They're a fine as spiderwebs. This crafter said she had worked all year for this show and had FOUR HUNDRED to sell! Imagine the patience.

I picked up this super cute hat for me. I just love creamy coloured Irish style knits. Both my boys have handmade sweaters and now I can match them! If Harry ever decides to give it back to me...

Best of all: I got four of the hardest people on my list some marvelous handmade local Christmas gifts.

Before I say anymore, the answer is yes, I spent all the money I made. almost. What little I had left was lent to my pregnant sister-in-law for a too-beautiful-to-pass-up baby sweater.

So now all the rush and stress of preparing is over and done with and it's back to life as usual. kind of. Daddy is a way better housekeeper than me, but there are still some things that have been ignored for awhile that are demanding attention now. like lots of laundry. And that disaster area that I've been working in. There's a good half ton of scraps to sort through.

But first I have a big swap to finish up to be sent...tomorrow. eek. But I'm thinking there's a little giveaway to go with that. it's the giving season, right? So check back tomorrow for that.

And I have some bartering to try, some photos to take so I can finally set up the etsy shop, and then all the sewing I have to start for gifts! Aah! Maybe the stress isn't done yet? Ha!


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Elizabeth ~ I found the same thing when I did craft shows. My kids were old enough, so they went with and helped with potty breaks and shopping breaks! Times are so hard right now, I wondered how many people were going to shows anymore. I wanted to go to the big one at the Univ. of Wisconsin, but just didn't have the money!

Glad you had fun and made money at the same time!


Anne said...

Your booth looked great. I wish I could've been there to help with the potty breaks. I'm sorry.

Jessica said...

I'm glad your craft show went well (next time better, for sure!). Everything on your table looked awesome!

randi said...

I ended up spending all of my profit when i did craft shows too. That is actually the fun part! :)