22 December 2008


With all the super secret Christmas crafting going on around here, I don't have much to share lately besides the fact that my blog title is getting truer and truer. So when I realized that the people getting these little gems are too little to find my blog, I had to post them.

These are for all the little girls in our life. We have numerous nieces, and practically all of our friends have little girls.
Tada! Composition book covers. With handy-dandy crayon pockets! (washable crayons of course.)

They can be easily switched when the book is full, and the great thing about comp books is you can trim the cover a tiny bit if it fits too snug.
They're quick and easy ( and cheap) to make for all your last minute needs. Really, what crafty lady wouldn't like one of these. Just stick some coloured pencils in the pocket instead. I have to make some boy ones as well. There's some tutorials for the same idea here and here, but I just did some math and faked it.

The only other thing I can share is tons and tons of sweets. We've been making cookies every Wednesday. but I realized yesterday that I had been collecting little things to decorate cupcakes and hadn't made a one yet. Last night we made four dozen solutions to that.

The lighting isn't perfect, it was getting late, but a couple made it home for the natural light photo shoot here.

Snowmen with orange slice noses and chocolate mini chip eyes.

Tiny sugar gingerbread boys with tiny white trees and tiny snowflakes.

I know crunched candy canes is hardly inspired, but it looked so pretty on this fabric print.

Ribbon Candy!

Oh! And these great little bobble head Santas I picked up in the summer.

Aren't they cute? I hadn't made any cupcakes in quite awhile. I was starting to get a little twitchy. I feel much better now. Phew.

Now I just have to wrap the notebooks, finish up a super secret big gift, get some gift certificates to the movie theatre, and decide what to make for the twelve dozen cookies I need for the big Christmas Eve cookie swap and Aunt Cheri's.

No problem.....


Kat said...

wait...we need how many cookies?! holy shitters.....better get baking!

Allison said...

Those cupcakes are wow!

Alexis said...

Fantastic all around! You are super-crafty!

Azzy said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy! And I love those composition books. What a great idea...

I'm going to miss the great bake swap this year. However, I'll be home soon enough after that I'll be able to steal some of my mom's loot. BTW, got your card today. The boys are so cute. W looks so big!!!

Amy said...

What a festive post! The notebook covers are excellent. Happy and merry to yours.

Cheryl A said...

Those book covers are SO much better than the one I attempted.