14 December 2008

cozy and fuzzy-like

things I am loving about December:

getting Christmas packages in the post with sweet little swap ornaments.

warmwarm hats.
making jam thumbies with tiny little thumbs.

staying in pajamas in a sheet fort all day eating Cheerios

and just all things warm and family-ish lately.

There's a whole lot of rushed crafting and baking and all other kinds of pre-holiday madness going on around here, but I'm trying to cling to the quieter moments in between. visiting, cookie swaps, and curling up in enormous nests of blankets under the tree.

the ginger baby winner is:

Randi of I have to say. Picked from the very warm hat a few photos up.

I'd like to have at least one more little giveaway before the holiday so keep a look out for that. We'll see what I can come up with.....

And I am really impressed with the positive attitude everyone has about bartering in the crafty world. I'm thinking birthdays and all other future gifts...Haha! Let me know if there's something I can make for you...

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