01 December 2008

busy like a bee.

I'm just popping in to show a couple things I'm working on for the big show this coming weekend. all the things that have been keeping me from blogging, haha!

Some balls decorated with hymnal pages. I think some glitter is definitely in their future.

Some candies. I've been thinking a sweet shop theme for this holiday season. Yum! They're not done yet either...

Some pears for everyone's partridge trees.

And a altered notebook for a swap partner who LOVES snowmen. Isn't he cute?

Now I'm off again, but I should be back soon with more works in progress and easy beans tutorial for that crocheted wreath.

I'll tell you, this fair is messing with my head. I go between thinking: what if I don't have enough inventory and look like an amateur? (which I am) and what if nothing sells at all ? All I can think is if nothing sells, I can finally get around to opening my etsy shop, right?

Last thing: I just want to remind everyone of the handmade pledge. personal is so much better than mass produced.

tell your friends.
and make them tell their friends.


Alexis said...

You make such wonderful things!

Karen said...

love all of it!
and we LOVE our bat - Scottie - don't know why - that's just what i thought when I opened him up -
he has a good home here :)

Katie said...

Wow, you have been busy. Everything looks so cute. I hope you have a great time at the market. :-)

Jessica said...

I wish I could stop by your craft booth! Your goods certainly look professional to me!

asti said...

Beautiful things - I like the pears especially. Hope it all goes well :)