22 November 2008


yesterday was tiny instant gratification project day and a little practice for my stitching with my practice partridge (in my sad looking pear tree).

And our funny little version of this project at Bella Dia. (via The Crafty Crow) They were love at first sight.

And let me tell you, as cute as little toddler hands are, it is not so fun to try to stuff those tiny fingers. We quit after just two birds.

There's ton more projects for little-ish ones to show thanks at the Crafty Crow.
And some adorable napkin rings at Sublime Stitching.
And while I may not be this enthusiastic about Thanksgiving, I can see making a few of these by Thursday.


Alexis said...

Maybe I'll do some of those with my kids tomorrow. We are hosting 22 people for Thanksgiving and I'm a little bit scared! Cute decorations might distract them in case I burn the turkey...

Allison said...

Being from California, I thought your partridge was a quail.

I saw those stuffed turkey hands and thought they were cute too! That really is a great idea.

Jessica said...

That turkey softie is so stinking cute!!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I am impressed you got that to work. I also saw her turkeys and gave it a try. I blogged about my failure here:

I just found your blog through the giveaway list and am glad I did!