06 November 2008

easy beans

I saw this photo on flickr and thought, hey! I have a bunch of scraps lying around!
These are so silly easy, I made three dozen in about an hour.

yarn ornaments 1

Cut your scraps into two to three inch lengths for the best results. Longer just looks like spaghetti.

yarn ornaments 2
my favourite colours, of course.

yarn ornaments 3

I found a dozen box of these empty ornaments for $2.49 in a discount store. If you already have a bunch of goofy novelty yarn hanging out, these are only $0.21. The perfect price, I think, for all those people in the office, the newspaper boy, and that nice man at the post office who is always so understanding when you come in with mountains of packages for etsy and swap-bot.


Anne said...

Those turned out really nice, Elizabeth! Those are going to look adorable at our booth!

Amy said...

Cute idea! I think it would look neat with fabric scraps too!

koala brains said...

Cool - what a great idea. I'm always looking for ways to keepsake fabric I used to make clothes for my daughter and this is another way.

Gina said...

These are gorgeous :D
So happy that O got in too! :D

Amanda said...

Very cute, good idea! Ohhh, I get so embarrassed when I go in with my stacks of packages for etsy and swap-bot. I think they think I'm a weirdo. I won't stop though! :)

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