20 October 2008

the party continues

When high winds killed the Farmer's Market plans yesterday, I got to do my favourite autumn activity.


My brother and I adore pumpkins. We buy dozens every year. So when every last penny was gone, we got down to business. Everyone was all nonchalant except Taylor and I who dove right in, but by the end of the night, everyone was carving. I'm thinking this is going to be an every Sunday night thing.

Here's our creations...

These are Nana Joann's
This is Muncle's
And Paul's
Taylor's Cat/OwlAnd My three
Here's the whole family lit up on the rail.
Our favourite new carving tool? Melon baller! Perfect circles! Thanks Mum L! I want to do one all circles like a lantern.
There's so much jack inspiration on flickr. Like this group. And I don't know if I have the patience for eight hours, but this jack is really something. And this one. And this one.
Okay, I just really love jacks.
Are you an eight hour carver or a triangle eye traditionalist?


Amy said...

What fun photos! You're getting me in the mood.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love carving our pumpkins too. I love the smell of the pumpkin and the childhood memories it evokes. You are all so talented! I always carve the exact same face each and every year. I can't help myself...It's a curse. x

Laume said...

Blowing in late from the party, sheesh that's a long list of partygoers! How could I not visit someone who calls their blog My Crafty Mess!? Have you been peeking into MY studio? LOL. Your party post was fabbo and yes, it's time for a new post. I should put another one up today as well. Am I an eight hour carver or a trangle eye traditionalist? Hmmmm. I think I'm somewhere inbetween. I do like to do a face though. I've tried other designs, but I'd have to make at least one face one first. And lately I've even gotten all protective and not carved my pumpkin at all - although I had no problem chopping him (her?) up and eating her later. Mwahahaha.

diane said...

can i say how much i love that star pumpkin...i was actually doing that with my nephew this past weekend....FUN TIMES!!!