15 September 2008

mittens, take 2

(take 3, if you follow.)

Okay, this time it was a cute abercrombie sweater that someone took the liberty of starting felting for me already. By accident, I imagine. Here we go:

This time I got a pair of mittens, a pair of wrist warmers, and a men-sized hat.

The thumbs on the wristies were a challenge, I hate working in tight spaces, but they came out fine, really.And one hat, I made from scratch while sitting in the drizzle at the Rochester Market Saturday.

I have about a dozen more allllllmost finished projects sitting in my bag to tackle and do you know what I'm going to do?

Go thrifting and find more sweaters to work with instead.


Anne said...

I hear ya. Who can bother FINISHING projects when there are so many BETTER projects to start? Ha ha!

Jessica said...

OOO, I love those wristlets! I have a bunch of knitting projects started, but I need to finish them...with all other crafty things I must finish before I start again, but that doesn't always happen with knitting.

Amy said...

That hat looks so soft and warm it almost makes me wish for cold days.